About Axios

Axiology is the branch of philosophy dealing with the nature of value and types of value, including morals, aesthetics and metaphysics. Axios is the Greek root, meaning worthy. The places where we live our lives are the natural product of design. Making our own world is a privilege — one we should take seriously.

Axios Architecture is built around the idea that design is as much an adventure as a solution.

In many ways, the creative process is as much about impacting people as it is making buildings. This is what makes it "worthy". This mindset is what drives our practice, which focuses on two areas:

- Single Family Residential: Owner-occupied single family homes, renovation, loft fit-outs and second homes.
- Selected Cultural and Commercial Projects: Botanical garden facilities, galleries, offices, restaurants, and similar projects.

Axios Architecture is a firm built on a solid platform of experience. Stephen Robinson, the principal of Axios, has nearly 30 years of experience in architecture and related fields. He has managed convention center projects in excess of $200 million in construction value and also designed furniture for residences — and many things in between. This diversified experience is at the root of the smaller, specialized projects that Axios is involved with.

Associations: American Institute of Architects

Steve Robinson, founder of Axios Architecture